Elder Terrant: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Beau Reed, Edward Terrant
Running Time: 01:47:26

Elder Terrant is unsure of what to expect when he is summoned to President Reed’s office. The older man is serious but quickly lets Terrant know how please he is with his work within the church. Feeling a reward is in order, Reed offers Elder Terrant a special message. President Reed knows that within the church, trust is very important, and with that in mind, he puts Elder Terrant to the test. He binds the young Elder’s hands behind his so Elder’s complete trust is in President Reed’s probing hands. Elder Reed confesses that since their last meeting, he can’t stop masturbating to thoughts of President Reed. The older man is understanding but warns Reed that these are thoughts that must be put aside and there are exercises the pair can practice to relieve these carnal desires. President Reed confronts Terrant about rumors of him engaging in impure activities with another guy. Terran doesn’t deny it and willingly submits to disciplinary actions.