Filthy Innocents 2

Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Robbie Dane, Craig Keller, Jack Flynn, Beno Eker, Diego Martin, Chris Summers, Anton Marceau, Jackson Wright
Running Time: 01:21:35

The most beautiful, and sexy, of young men can sometimes cause an incredible lust, both in other twinks, and mature men. Maybe it’s because we can’t resist beauty, especially the pretty boys that have a look of innocence about them. The boys in this movie, Beno Eker, Jack Flynn, Chris Summers, Jackson Wright, Craig Keller, Robbie Dane, Anton Marceau, and Diego Martin, are among the cutest, most innocent looking twinks we’ve found. Don’t let that deceive you. These guys only look virginal. They were born corrupted, and that is these twinks are Filthy Innocents 2.