Fix My Hammer

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Jake Reed, Issac Jones, Enzo Rimenez, Marc Angelo, Dolan Wolf, Mike Eventz, Drake, Dillon Buck, Anthony Clarke
Running Time: 02:00:19

The hammer in question is most certainly a classic example of double-entendre, but thats unlikely to be something thats going to concern you horny bastards. In fact, given that youre no doubt primed to enjoy some of the hardest-hitting fuckers giving it all theyve got in the quest for the next sexual high, home improvement is surely way down on your list of concerns. So put your DIY tools to one side, and join Dillon Buck, Marc Angelo and a whole load of other mega-horny bastards for some of the horniest action on tap; as these bunch of hyper-notched brutes suck and fuck like its going out of fashion. Culminating in a leather-clad frenzy of top-quality jizz being sprayed liberally in every direction imaginable!