Friendly Fire 11

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Elijah Canon, Jesse Nice, Logan Lane, Blake Effortly, Phoenix River, Elye Black, Ryan Jordan, Alex James
Director: Digitized Tape
Running Time: 01:42:40

Looks like Ryan Jordan has just caught Jesse Nice beating off in his bed. These are true soldiers and Ryan isn’t going to get mad but instead, he is going to help a fellow soldier out. He sees Jesse’s big cock and starts sucking on it right away helping out his war buddy. Alex James has always been a little curious about what it would be to get down and dirty with one of his fellow soldiers, and now he gets to live out that curiosity with new bunkmate Elye Black, who proves to be quite the brother in arms. Jesse Nice and Elijah Canon are the type of bunkmates to make the most of their down time, and with no duties to bother them, they decide to give each other a helping hand. It’s four times the fun as these three Phoenix Rivers, Logan Lane and Ryan Jordan, welcome Blake Effortley back to the fold. These guys put on a little show of affection as they take turns sucking and fucking each other, trading partners with each other before having a little jerk off contest all over Ryan Jordan’s face.