Fuck Like Bunnies

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Dakota Payne, Michael Boston, Isaac Parker, Carter Woods, Nic Sahara, Beaux Banks, Roman Todd, Will Braun
Director: Conrad Parker, Walden Woods
Running Time: 02:18:36

Realtor Beaux Banks hires the services of Roman Todd to inspect the house but instead get his asshole checked. Will he pass the inspection? Horny Carter Woods spotted by Isaac Parker while jerking off in the back of his truck & gets busted touching himself. Luckily for Carter, Isaac was really interested in his cock. Watch what happens next. Shhh! Cute and confident Dakota Payne is rabbit hunting! Binoculars in hand and spring vest unbuttoned, his cocky chuckles soon turn to moans as he discovers the man beneath the mask: sexy bae Michael Boston! Celebrate the cumming of spring with these two as they take their party home and spend the day fucking like bunnies. Nic Sahara’s girlfriend just dumped him. He can’t believe that letting a guy suck his dick would turn into such a big deal. Happily his best friend Will Braun is there to listen to him, support him… and have wild sex with him too.