Fun Size Cocky Boys

Studio: CockyBoys
Actors: Avery Jones, Adrian Hart, Tayte Hanson, Ace Quinn, Tannor Reed, Brock Banks, Austin Avery, Sharok, Benjamin Blue
Director: Jake Jaxson, R.J. Sebastian
Running Time: 01:53:19

Our pocket-sized performers are the first ones to eagerly climb and slide on a thick raw cock when the time comes. We wanted to showcase them at the best (and most sexual) – being-dicked down! Scenes include Tannor Reed getting spit-roasted by Brock Banks and Sharok, while Tayte Hanson stretches Austin Avery’s tight bare hole. Also features Ace Quinn, Adrian Har, Avery Jones, and Benjamin Blue. Come meet these Fun Size [Cocky] Boys.