Studio: Treasure Island Media
Actors: Aaron Reese, Adrian Silver, Ashton Ducati, Atlas Grant, Brodie Ramirez, Cesar Xes, Chase Parker, Christian Matthews, Dale Savage, Dante Rosa, Dayton O’Connor, Dean Rogers, Diego Tovar, Drew Dixon, Eddy Sterling, Giovanni Bangmore, Jack Dixon, Jack Dyer, Jaime Brazil, Jake Morgan, Joel Someone, Josh Hunter, Julian D’Marco, Marco Napoli, Mason Lear, Parker Logan, Riley Landon, Robert Rex, Ryan Jamison, Silver Steele, T. Wilcox, Topher DiMaggio
Director: Damon Dogg, Dice
Running Time: 01:45:25

Damon Dogg and Dice invite you to kick back with “Gape” – a fuck extravaganza dedicated to those men who live to open hole with cock. “Gape” features 8 All new hard-core scenes including one balls-to-the-wall over-the-top 17-man wham-bam gangbang of The Morgan Twins. Other highlights include a 4-way swap-the-key fuck with Chase Parker, Dale Savage, Atlas Grant, and Jake Morgan. Power bottom Mason Lear turning power top Julian D’Marco into his bitch. Topher DiMaggio breeding Brodie Ramirez; and Ashton Ducati fucking the hell out of Drew Dixon. The cast of 36 horny fuckers also includes Jack Dixon, Parker Logan, Joel Someone, Marco Napoli, Diego Tovar, Cesar Xes and so many more. Yeah, Gape for me!