Gay Massage Buddies

Studio: Male Reality
Actors: Nick Gill, Marty, Luke Ward, Danek Gyor, Marek Borek, Andrew Kitt, Oscar Hart
Director: K.K.
Running Time: 01:37:27

Charlie gets a new massage table and is setting it up. Marty offers all of his body to practice on, theres nothing like getting oiled up to be fucked. Nick is giving Andrew a nice rubdown, but he has other things on his mind. Once he starts massaging Andrews asshole, there is no turning back! Alex and Luke are trying to relax by meditating, but they cant help but peek at each others hot bodies. Once their message starts, its quick to become erotic. Both Alex and Oscar love getting massaged, but they each hate actually doing it. Its Oscars turn to massage Alex, but he has other things he would rather do to Alexs muscular body.