Get in Deeper Bro

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Justin Matthews, Blain O’Connor, Kyle Wyncrest, Brandon Anderson, Dacotah Red, Scott Finn, Chris Blades
Director: Conrad Parker
Running Time: 01:49:42

Two sexy studs, one bed, and some banging was bound to go down. When Justin Matthews finds Dacotah Red in his bed, he wonders what he needs to do to get him out. The answer: Get him off! Brandon Anderson is into guys, but one guy he isn’t into is his stepbrother Chris Blades… or so he says? While practicing his massage skills on Chris, Brandon notices his stepbro has a big boner. Deciding that step-relation is just a technicality, Brandon dips his dick deep in Chris’s caboose. Blain O’Connor and Scott Finn have been stepbrothers for a while. But suddenly, a new stepbrother, Kyle Wyncrest, is joining the family. Something doesn’t seem right, and Blain and Scott will do anything to figure out what.