Guerrilla Troops 8

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Brandon Anderson, Justin Weston, Julian Brady, Jack Greyson, Wade Clark, Jesse Nice, Alex James, Mike Johnson
Director: SS-Digital
Running Time: 01:36:31

When Jack Greyson and Julian Brady get some downtime from their duties, they make sure to make the most of it. Sharing a mutual jack off, Julian asks his partner if he wants a little help and Jack’s flag instantly rises from half-mast to full attention. Justin Weston and Mike Johnson know how to kick back after a day of target shooting, and now that they’re back in the barracks, they can bust out the big guns. Alex James and Wade Clark are spending their downtime with a little double barrel action. They were both so horny in the barracks that they decided to share a mutual jack-off. After they show what kind of heavy artillery they’re packing, Brandon Anderson and Jesse Nice take turns, having each other every way they can imagine. They trade sloppy blow-jobs before Jesse bends Brandon over and pounds him from behind enemy lines.