Handle With Care

Studio: All Natural Video
Actors: Jack, Tyler M, Damian Harrison, Janusz Gol, Johnny Kingdom, Jack Masters, Toby Banks, Aaron Aurora, Danny Montero, Dan Jenkins
Running Time: 01:50:29

They’re everyday boys who you’d see walking through town or riding their bikes in the park, and nothing would ever suggest that they’re anything other than straight, fun-loving lads. Behind closed doors, however, they’re completely different animals altogether, as this splendid, cum-inducing escapade is only too willing and eager to demonstrate. Fact is, they’re just a bunch of cock-sucking, ass-munching reprobates – exactly the kind of boys that’ll have you unzipping and unloading in no time at all. A wanton bevy of bedroom cock-crazed buddies, who aren’t ever content until every last drop of hot creamy teen-juice has been totally drained!