Hands On

Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: JD Travis, Jack Dyer, Killian Knox, Angel Ventura, Sean Harding, Jay Donahue, Clay Towers, Sean Duran
Running Time: 01:50:10

Exhausted from work, Sean Harding doesn’t want to work out. He shows Jay Donahue some of the photos of the model he shot and when Jay sees the guy was naked he gets excited. Angel Ventura and Killian Knox are at the spa enjoying some time together. Killian decided not to get a massage and rather be with Angel. They begin kissing and taking their robes off revealing each other’s sexy bodies. Clay Towers is getting his massage table ready for his next customer who just happens to be Sean Duran. Sean comes walking into the room and is excited such a handsome man will be utilizing his hands on his body today. Worried when he joined the gym, JD Travis wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit for a guy his age. However, as soon as he meets Jack Dyer in the locker room, he realizes he’s picked the perfect spot to work out his tension.