Handsome Macho Sluts

Studio: Macho Mayhem
Actors: Gio Cruz, Benji, Georges Sauvage, Andrea Suarez, Stefan Colby, Kayden Gray, Nicolas Torri, Aitor Crash, Pedro Andreas, Johnny Hazzard
Running Time: 01:35:24

Handsome Macho Sluts. Three words that are guaranteed to get any horny guy hard in an instant and itching to shove their cocks down an eager throat. With pheromones and testosterone bouncing off the walls, you know it’s going to be nothing but mayhem as these suave men pair up for some macho making-out. They kiss with a passion usually unseen in guys so manly, but their dominant fondling sees shirts hitting the floor with jeans and trousers soon following suit as rough hands seek out hardening nipples before cupping tightening balls and grabbing cocks that grow and throb in their grasp. There’s no stopping these guys in their quest for a union of masculine love, so lie back and enjoy!