Hard at Work

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Michael DelRay, Nic Sahara, Dakota Payne, Ryan Jordan, Jet Davis, Anthony Moore, Shane Jackson, Carter Woods
Director: Rocco Fallon
Running Time: 01:44:40

Check out this cheeky pair! Coy Ryan Jordan and flirty Dakota Payne are putting on a show as they paint these walls blue, sexy style. Winking and posing, they are too delicious to ignore as they suck, blow, and pound the afternoon away. After a tough swim practice, muscular Anthony Moore and rippling Shane Jackson need to wash up and blow off some steam. When Shane gives Anthony a flash of his fine ass, things really start heating up. During a long and hot day at work, Carter Woods and Jet Davis get horny! The two can’t control themselves and fuck each other until they both reach an intense climax! Adventurous studs Michael Del Ray & Nic Sahara go back home after a weekend fun driving offroad & fuck like warriors.