Healthy Protein Diet

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: James Frazer, Lago Torres, Raul Marcos, Rio, Nick Spears, Dolan Wolf, Jeff Stronger, Drake
Running Time: 01:39:22

Forget the Atkins and don’t even start with the new Keto Diet, join these guys as they embark on the only diet you’ll ever need the Healthy Protein Diet that’s loaded with just the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. These hot men aren’t in any rush and they take their time in an endeavour to get the best out of each particular meal. From passionate kisses to traversing southward to indulging their taste for plump cheeks, these guys dine out on each other’s hard bodies before gorging themselves on the creamy protein shake that awaits them. Who needs fad diets when you’ve got all you need right here!