Her Boyfriend Is Gay 5

Studio: Male Reality
Actors: Ennio Guardi, Drago Lambeck, Travis, Charlie, Chris Hollander, Boris
Director: K.K.
Running Time: 01:46:28

Ennio lies to his girlfriend and says Travis is over just to watch the football game. As soon as she leaves, they do some intense physical activity with their bodies. Boris is taking a nap when Jenna and her boyfriend Charlie walk into the living room. Jenna then introduces the two guys. Jenna gets the shock of her life when she finds out that Charlie likes Boris better. Diana tells Chris that she’s going to spend the day shopping while he gets a personal training session. When Diana returns home, she finds out the training session is way more personal than she thought! Oscar wakes Alex up from his sl–p to have a little fun in the other room. Alex’s poor sl–ping girlfriend has no clue, that is until she wakes up to their moaning sounds!