Hood Sucker

Studio: Macho Mayhem
Actors: Nicolas Key, Patrick Jankowski, Christian Mitchell, Giorgio Arsenale, Sky James, Ale Tedesco, Billy Essex, Antonio Garcia, Drew Brody, Leo Domenico
Running Time: 01:32:01

Is there anything hotter than getting down on your knees so that you can worship some handsome hunk and his equally gorgeous uncut shaft? Certainly these guys don’t seem to think so, as they wallow in the sweet, sweaty confines of real men’s crotches to enjoy the contents of those most intimate quarters. Believe us, you’re gonna be in seventh heaven as the likes of Nicolas Key and Sky James pay homage to the Christian Mitchell and the tattooed wonder, Billy Essex; slurping on every throbbing inch like their lives depended on it. And with a bit of horny arse-play thrown into the mix, there’s absolutely no doubt that the glorious on-screen spunk-fest will be matched by a spunk-fest all of your own!