Hunting Dicks

Studio: All Natural Video
Actors: Damian Harrison, Luke Desmond, Dominic Belko, Drake Law, Leroy Dale, Dylan Thompson, Cody Banks, Dave Stevens, Alex C., Dan Jenkins
Running Time: 01:41:03

Some guys just can’t help taking a decidedly aggressive approach in the search for fresh meat – and to be fair it’s an attitude that always seems to bear impressive results. As clearly demonstrated by this collection of horny cock-hunters, whose idea of a good time is to seek out the biggest, hardest dicks on offer for uncompromising, hardcore action. So reach for your own chunky weapons for some decidedly carnal hunter-gathering action, as schlong after ass-crazed schlong sniff out a succession of sweet, empty asses and give them the kind of gut-filling ride all bottoms yearn for. All culminating in a hot, mega-sticky tidal-wave of pent-up ball-juice!