Indecent Males

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Korben, Dave Duke, Raff Owen, Kevin McDonough, Jorge Ballantinos, Carioca, Theo Ford, Ross Hurston, Jake Marshall, Mike Douglas
Running Time: 01:58:44

Decency is a difficult standard to judge – one man’s acceptability might not tally with another’s. But rest assured that there’s nothing decent about this band of cock-obsessed fuck-buddies, whose idea of a quiet night in is to fuck each other senseless on a table, or to go outside and bang like bitches in the open air. No doubt about it, these bruising beasts of burden don’t hold back for a single second as they breed like the wild animals they are; pushing the sexual boundaries each and every time as they do so. And with seemingly never-ending quantities of spunk in their tight, manly balls, you can guarantee there ain’t a dry eye in the house come the final shoot-out!