Intensive Care Therapy

Studio: Dirty Boy Desires
Actors: Ryker Madison, Kyler Ash, Andrew Austen, Kyler Moss, Conner Bradley, Krys Perez, Gavin Page, Xander Brennan, Andy Kay, Tristan Tyler, Ryan Sharp
Running Time: 01:38:39

Medical inspired porn flicks have always had a distinct appeal, and it’s something that the guys at Dirty Boy Desires are keen to make the most of with this torrid escapade featuring the likes of Conner Bradley, Kyler Moss and Ryan Sharp. Okay, so it’s just fantasy, but who the hell cares? Not these horny lads, that’s for sure; as medic attire soon gets abandoned in the quest for hard cock and sticky, white baby-batter. Rarely has the study of human anatomy looked so appealing; as attention sweeps straight to all those gorgeous cocks and hungry little fuck-holes, of which there are an abundance. The result is a manic, spunk-inducing frenzy, that sees asses stretched to the max and a plethora of cum being sprayed in all directions!