Studio: MEN.com
Actors: Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Johnny Hill, Johnny B, Kaleb Stryker, Theo Brady, Nate Grimes
Running Time: 01:19:04

Nate Grimes asked his boyfriends Pierce Paris and Johnny B for a double facial, but at the last second, he dodged it! After blindfolding the cum dodger with his own underwear, the guys finally give Nate what’s been cumming to him, then celebrate with a threesome. Johnny fucks Nate doggy style as Nate sucks Pierce’s cock, then it’s Johnny’s turn to get pounded in piledriver by Pierce as he sucks Nate’s dick before Nate fucks Johnny doggy style. Pierce and Nate take turns stretching Johnny’s tight hole, then Nate lies back to take the double facial he deserves before cumming all over himself. Kaleb Stryker thinks there’s just time for a bj before his boyfriend Theo Brady’s mom arrives, but she knocks on the door just as Kaleb leaves some cum on Theo’s face. Annoyed that his man’s mother chased him out of the room in his own house, Kaleb vows to mark his territory with jizz! With the meddling mama down for the count, Kaleb eats Theo’s ass and fucks his man doggy style, showing Theo who that hole belongs to. Kaleb finishes things off with a huge facial. When Johnny Hill spies on his roommate Dante Colle’s dildo, he can’t resist swiping it and trying it out. Naturally, Dante comes looking for the toy and is greeted by the sight of the bottom sprawled naked on the couch with the dildo in his hole! Dante stealthily watches, stroking his cock, then cums all over Johnny’s face! Johnny wants some more, so the guys take turns sucking each other’s dicks. Johnny rides Dante and strokes his cock. Dante fucks Johnny mish on the couch, then bends him over the coffee table and pounds his hole till Johnny blows his load all over the glass, and Dante adds some more jizz to the mix.