Johnny Rapid: For the Fans Vol. 1

Studio: CashModels
Actors: Aiden Asher, Jesse Bolton, Jax Thirio, Kyle Connors, Johnny Rapid, Michael Boston
Director: Edward James
Running Time: 01:38:35

He’s one of the most-popular gay porn stars on the planet… he’s always wanted to get more up-close-and-personal with his massive fanbase… and now he has his own line! Presenting the one-and-only Johnny Rapid: For the Fans. In this premiere entry, you’ll see superstar Johnny along with Aiden Asher, Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton, Kyle Connors, and Michael Boston in sizzling bareback duos, threeways, and group fucks – all filmed by both on-set director Edward James and the models themselves. It’s an all-raw sweaty sexfest series getting you in on the action, closer and hotter than ever before. It’s all for you… for the fans.