Leave Me Drenched

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Ross Drake, Carioca, Bruce Jordan, Christian Matthews, Kayden Gray, Ricky Sinz, Ted Calungo, Alan Knight, Kurt Rogers
Running Time: 01:52:42

Whether it’s a long time lover who is suited, booted and looking handsome as hell or a random booty boy who stands proudly naked, buff and inked, these guys just want you to Leave Me Drenched in post-fuck sweat and of course, copious amounts of creamy man-goo! From the boardroom to the bedroom, these stunning men delight in the smell and feel of their partner and heady kisses kick-start the obligatory foreplay that has these guys licking, jerking and thoroughly enjoying every inch of each other’s flesh before they get down to some serious back-door buggery. Nearly two hours of cum-induced man-on-man action!