Like Old Times

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Justin Matthews, Jack Bailey, Ian Daniels, Lucca Mazzi, David Skylar, Brandon Anderson, Alex Tanner
Director: Big Mike, Conrad Parker, Walden Woods
Running Time: 01:55:48

David Skylar is getting married and Alex Tanner thinks he’s making a big mistake marrying his boring sister. Nonetheless, Alex decides to give David a proper sendoff into married life by bedding his sister’s soon-to-be husband. Jack Bailey is a naughty little stepbrother. When he finds his big stepbrother Justin Matthews’s dildo, he decides to give it a whirl. Justin finds Jack playing with the dildo and inserts the real thing. Ian Daniels’ ‘uncle’ Lucca Mazzi is in town for a visit. Ian figures the best way to make his dad’s stepbrother feel welcome is to whip up a grilled cheese just like the one Lucca used to make for Ian when he was babysitting him. A trip down memory lane leads to the guys creating new, steamy hot memories. Justin Matthews and Brandon Anderson weren’t expecting to get naked for their modeling gig. It’s weird to them, and even more strange considering their stepbrothers. The good thing about having your step-bro in a sticky situation, is you can lean on him, and get in him.