Matured Muscles

Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Gustav Netto, Angel Ventura, Atlas Grant, Hunter Vance, Rikk York, Jake Morgan
Director: Gio Caruso
Running Time: 01:32:36

Rikk York just joined the gym for boxing lessons when Hunter Vance comes in asking questions about the class. Rikk notices how he is hitting on him and they begin to kiss which leads Hunter to drop down to his knees so he can worship Rikk’s sexy dick. Jake Morgan and Angel Ventura are in the locker room gym when Jake begins to show off his hard cock to Angel. Once they look around and notice it’s just them they begin to kiss and rub each other. They swap some amazing BJs and then Angel has Jake ride his hard cock. Angel Ventura doesn’t like when Rikk York takes so long at the gym, but he doesn’t mind giving him some extra attention when Rikk comes home with a sore back from his workout. When Gustav Netto and Atlas Grant discover their mutual affinity for a certain type of mythical beast, they bond in the locker room before realizing they share another thing in common- the lust for another guy.