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Actors: Pierce Paris, Adrian Hart, Michael Boston, Joey Mills, JJ Knight, Malik Delgaty, Archie, Deacon, Skyy Knox
Running Time: 01:41:38

The MenPop app is great for both fun and fucking! In Part 1 of this series, Archie tries to get a rise out of his roomies and go viral with pranks, but ends up making Joey Mills’s cock rise after Joey takes his revenge with a “surprise facial” prank. In Part 2, boyfriends Pierce Paris and Johnny Donovan post a sexy towel dance story that turns them on so much, they keep the action going with a hot flip fuck. The MenPop hijinks continue in Part 3, as Adrian Hart and Michael Boston film a live cam show that heats up when their camera guy JJ Knight decides to join in, turning their twosome into a threesome. In Part 4, Malik Delgaty is just trying to post his sexy workout for his MenPop story, but when Skyy Knox keeps messing up his shots on purpose, he ends up posting his “punishment” of Skyy by sitting on his face, then pounding that ass.