Muscled Furry Studs

Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Dale Savage, Atlas Grant, Rikk York, Cassio King, Skyler James, Musclebear Montreal, Jacob Woods, Julian Torres
Director: Gio Caruso
Running Time: 01:34:39

Rikk York has been feeling extra horny these past couple of days and nothing turns him on more than the hot guys at the gym. Luckily for Rikk, his training partner Skyler James is ready for a nice hard workout. After working out, Jacob Woods and Musclebear Montreal talk aboout what part of the body they trained. Musclebear offers to give Jacob a little massage to tend to his sore muscles. While massaging his shoulders, Musclebear makes his way past his shoulders and massages the rest of his body, slowly rubbing his chest and thighs. While taking a shower, Cassio King is getting admired by Dale Savage. Dale is jerking off while watching him. Cassio notices Dale and walks over to him. Dale removes his shorts and now they are both jerking off. Cassio soon goes on his knees and sucks Dale’s cock. These two hot hairy and sexy studs, Julian Torres and Atlas Grant, enjoy having their tight assholes fucked hard.