My Kind of Host

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Carter Woods, Quin Quire, Dalton Riley, Princeton Price, Trevor Laster
Director: Rocco Fallon, Cameron Dalile
Running Time: 02:08:01

Even though the party is in full swing, Carter Woods and Quin Quire clearly would rather be alone together somewhere, so when Quin excuses himself to use the “restroom”, it’s only a matter of time before Carter follows. Princeton Price can sense the chemistry between him and Dalton Riley. He suggests they adjourn to his bedroom. Once secluded from the rest of the party, Princeton shows exactly what kind of host he is, as he sucks Dalton off before bending him over and plunging his cock deep inside Dalton’s hole. Trevor Laster has fantasized about a few of his dad’s co-workers, but Carter Woods has been his ultimate fantasy since Day 1, and now he finds himself having his way with him, watching as Carter sucks him off and then mounts him. The guests may have all left but for host Carter Woods, the party isn’t over just yet, at least not if Quin Quire has any say in the matter. He’s the last to leave, helping Carter with the mess clean up, but if he has his way, this is one party that’s ready to move to the bedroom.