No Limits

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Casey Everett, Devin Franco, Dillon Diaz, Johnny Hill, Michael Boston
Director: Trenton Ducati
Running Time: 01:48:09

These five gluttons for punishment have ‘No Limits’. A seemingly endless supply of riding crops, floggers, slings, and more appear as these hot doms and eager subs commit to an anything-goes approach to the pleasure of discomfort. Award-winning director Trenton Ducati tests the boundaries of five kinky men with no holds barred. Devin Franco takes charge of Michael Boston, flogging and whipping the muscle hunk before pounding his limitless ass. When it’s Michael’s turn to dominate, he shows Devin no mercy until both of their cocks are drained. Strapped to a St. Andrews Cross, Johnny Hill must subject to Dillon Diaz backing up on his raw cock. Returning the favor, Dillon Diazis chained and fucked by Johnny Hill’s thick pole. Finally, Devin Franco edges and teases his slave Casey Everett, before blindfolding him in a sling and fucking the cum out of him. Submit to ‘No Limits’ and explore your most primal desires.