No Time For Romance

Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Actors: Jordan Fit, James Oakleigh, Jasper Rhodes, Casper Ellis, AJ Alexander, Master Aaron
Running Time: 01:38:26

Some people love the buzz of romance. For others, however, its just a case of getting down to business and enjoying the rough and tumble of hot sex which is exactly where all romance eventually leads! In other words, cut out the foreplay. Adherents to this brutal philosophy include James Oakleigh, Jasper Rhodes and AJ Alexander, who simply cant wait to enjoy session after session of tough, ruthless action that really does leave very little to the imagination. Whether theyre indoors or out, locked in a cage or playing the role of master, these lads really dont hold back for a single second; savouring every hard inch of male flesh like its going out of fashion. And spraying copious wads of pent-up spunk in the process!