Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Actors: Derek Kage, Paul Wagner, Sean Xavier, Beau Butler, Danny Starr, Brogan NYC, Lawson James, Timothy Chance
Director: Steve Cruz, Ben Rush
Running Time: 03:11:26

When awkward rideshare driver Derek Kage picks up handsome-but-cocky passenger Paul Wagner from a local airport, he can’t ignore his instant physical attraction. Paul, both turned on by and hesitant about the driver’s intensity – and against his own better judgment – agrees to stop at a vacant nearby garage for a rough flip-fuck with the unstable motorist. As the night draws in, though, Paul grows increasingly uncomfortable with Derek’s obsessive and menacing text messages and calls, immediately filing a grievance with the “Let It Ride” car service app. Discernibly unhinged and now even more enraged by Paul’s deliberate complaint, Derek begins a deadly and twisted descent into madness that leaves a grisly body count in its horrifying wake. Co-starring exclusiveBeau Butler, Lawson James, Timothy Chance, Brogan, Danny Starr, and Sean Xavier, ‘Overdrive’signals a new kind of terror that’s just one swipe away. So, go ahead; jump in the back seat. You’ll be at your final destination sooner than you think