Perfect Ride

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Mo Hammer, AJ Alexander, Frank Valencia, Aaron Steel, Stany Falcone, Conner Habib, Thierry Lamasse, Danny Ryder, Brent Taylor
Running Time: 01:27:23

With the face of an Adonis and the body of a Greek God, each and every one of these guys are designed to be the Perfect Ride, and their fuck-buddies are itching to climb on board. From the outset, these men are all over each other – feeling, kneading, licking and turning on. Their kisses are passionate and they ache for the other’s tongue and touch. The feel of a hot mouth engulfing their boner spurs them to reciprocate before ass cheeks are spread and an open invitation is laid bare to cram cock into a lubed and welcoming love tunnel.