Perverted Bosses

Studio: Macho Mayhem
Actors: Dawson Jenkins, Valentino Delta, Shay Cruz, Gabriel Fisk, Dan Broughton, Riley Tess, Adam Wirthmore, Leo Domenico, Harley Everett, Brice Farmer
Running Time: 01:49:59

Some bosses are good to work for and always bring out the best in you; but for these lucky lads things are taken to a wholly different level, as they quickly discover that the guy they work for only really wants them for what they’ve got stashed inside their boxers! Not that these handsome beauties appear to be complaining for one single second; as the likes of Brice Farmer, Adam Wirthmore and Harley Everett compete with each other for the coveted title of employee of the month, feasting on cock after cock in the process! No doubt about it, you’ll be wishing you worked at a place like this; as some of the most demanding bosses imaginable put their young pups through their paces to ensure a spunk-loaded finale each and every time!