Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Toby Springs, Colton Grey, Ethan Slade, Conner Mason, Aiden Ward, Brandon Rivers, Seth Stark, Adam Bryant, Braxton Smith
Director: Gio Caruso
Running Time: 01:55:10

When Adam Bryant drops his shorts and reveals his hard cock, Doctor Ethan Slade slowly makes his way up his muscular thighs with his hands gently rubbing against his balls. He doesn’t seem to mind, so Ethan grabs his dick firmly and slowly strokes his hard throbbing cock. Taky Springs and Braxton Smith are hard at work doing inventory in the warehouse while Aiden Ward watches on from his office Aiden becomes horny and begins to rub his cock while he watches the two count stock. Brandon Rivers is extremely sad after losing his swimming match. To soften the defeat, Colton is giving him a shoulder that brings them to kiss passionately. The pod isn’t as wam as it should be so Seth Stark and Conner Mason continue their kissing poolside where Conner begins to blow Seth. Once that water dries oft, it becomes even more cold so they both go inside and get naked.