Pleasant Ride

Studio: Hot Twinks
Actors: Alexandro Marbena, Bjorn Nykvist, Blake Allen, Lincoln Gates, Mike Manchester, Riley Tess, Steve Hard, Will Sims
Running Time: 01:45:14

It might not be everyone’s idea of a Pleasant Ride, having a monster dick stuck up your arse isn’t the kind of thing all guys dream of, after all – but there’s no question that the lads in this Hot Twinks bonanza have been craving such a stunning scenario since they can probably ever remember. Lads like Will Sims and Blake Evans, who aren’t averse to steamy, all-male action; and who will ever enjoy a bit of exotic interracial fornication given half the chance. No question about it, there isn’t one of these youngsters who holds back from making the most of each opportunity; and soon arses are being pounded to the max with the kind of vigour you’re gonna love. All neatly topped off with a tsunami of spunk for a fitting finale.