Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Roman Todd, Justin Matthews, Dante Martin, Xavier Cox, Tristan Hunter, Hoss Kado, Jake Porter, Beaux Banks
Director: Walden Woods
Running Time: 01:56:54

Hottie Beaux Banks is welcomed by Dante Martin, who has a wee bit of a porn crush on Beaux, and much more than a wee bit of a hard on to prove it! Beaux is a walking fantasy, but rest assured Dante has had this date circled on his calendar for quite some time, and now that he has him in his clutches, Beaux is in for one wild ride. Ranch boss Xavier Cole can always find a use for a good set of helping hands, especially when they belong to such a ripped stud like Roman Todd. Luckily for him, this ranch hand has hidden talents that run deep… very deep, as Xavier is soon to find out for himself. Hoss Kado and Tristan Hunter, two magnificent stallions are on fire. They will only stop when both are amply satisfied. Justin Matthews has just moved into his new place, and he proudly shows it off to buddy Jake Porter, bragging about all the new furniture and amenities. Jake is really impressed with Justin’s taste, and when he hears that the bed is new as well, he takes that as a sign. Justin’s sheets are gonna need a thorough washing after the two of them get done!