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Studio: Twink Cocks
Actors: Skye Romeo, Owen Jackson, Leo Rain, Aron, Oscar Roberts, Kamyk Walker, Cameron Wilson, Ashton Bradley, Erik
Running Time: 01:34:35

Youd walk past them in the street and easily assume that they were as straight as a die, but rest assured once theyre behind closed doors this dick-crazed bevy of cum-hungry sluts have only one obsession one that were sure youre gonna love and appreciate time and time again. From Kamyk Walker hitting it off with a couple of fellow horny farm-hands, to Ashton Bradley making it out with a mate down on the floor, these chavvy sluts dont waste a single minute when it comes to slurping on cock and riding hard, uncut phallus like its what they were born to do. All bringing off the same results, as their sweet low-hangers unload with a very satisfying splat!