Random Fucks

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Studio: Hot House
Actors: Masyn Thorne, Grant Ducati, Reign, Cade Maddox, Alfonso Osnaya, Roman Todd, Cade Jaxon
Director: Trenton Ducati
Running Time: 02:15:07

You haven’t seen any real smut or read about the world’s raunchiest hookups if you aren’t clicking over to binge all the bareback tales on Drew Sebastian’s ‘Random Fucks’ blog. From award-winning director Trenton Ducati, this film brings to life the anonymous sexcapades of seven men that are ready to fuck any random guy in any random location that’s available to them. Masyn Thorne is looking for dick and cruising rooms at a clothing-optional resort. That’s when the jock comes across Grant Ducati, enters his room, and drills his smooth hole. While waiting for their laundry to finish up, Reign decides to pass the time by filling Grant Ducati’s mouth and hole with his curved cock. Cade Maddox is being shown the inside of a new house by Alfonso Osnaya, but the horny homebuyer seems more interested in exploring the insides of the realtor himself. Later, Alfonso Osnaya heads over to borrow a power drill from bluecollar hunk Roman Todd, but ends up getting serviced by the handyman’s throbbing tool instead. While working out back, Cade Jaxon notices the raging hard-on stuffed in Roman Todd’s waistband. Never one to hide his manhood from a curious friend, Roman Todd lets his new pal take a grab at the exposed meat and even go in for a taste. There’s truly nothing better than an anonymous hookup, so get ready to stroke along with hung daddy Drew Sebastian as he walks you through the very best and most cumworthy ‘Random Fucks’ that he’s spewed out over the years.