Raw Material

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Charlie Pattinson, Ricky Ridges, Alex Grand, Mathias, Elye Black, Lance Ford, Markie More, Ty Thomas
Director: Cameron Dalile
Running Time: 02:03:36

Ty Thomas shows off his new crib to his buddy, and as he takes him from room to room, it’s obvious that Mathias is excited for him. Mathias wonders when they’ll break in the house with a raging party and now that he’s won the lottery, Ty can fuck whoever he wants. In hot pursuit of his target, Charlie Pattinson is locked and loaded, ready to shoot off just as soon as he locates the object of his desire. Lance Ford is waiting by the bed to ambush him, but as Charlie enters, he lets his best shot fly and scores. Elye Black tells Alex Grand he couldn’t help but overhear that he’s staying at the hotel alone. Alex seems open to the idea and they agree to meet for drinks. When Elye comes up to his room, he finds Alex still not ready, about to hop in the shower. He decides his best bet is to join him in the shower. Markie More has got himself a new piece of meat to break in, and Ricky Ridges is primed and ready for action. With no visibile signs of nervousness, Ricky has his way with a very submissive Markie.