Ready for Stuffing

Studio: Young And Restless
Actors: Intenso, Blake, Julian Kolp, Sven Larsson, Peter Hawk, Sam Brooks, Shane Hirch, Simon Clay, Orlando
Running Time: 01:42:08

Sven Laarson, Sam Brooks and the living legend that is Orlando Bloom get ready to put on a blistering east-Euro display, as some of the hottest, cutest twinks in the biz gather together for a spunk-inducing escapade that youre not gonna easily forget. Whether theyre fucking like animals out on the grass, or fornicating like utter sluts in the confines of their bedrooms, these gorgeous beauts will have you jerking like youre some kind of crazed teen in response but we wouldnt expect anything different. Gobbling on monster dicks and riding raw without a care in the world, these bumper-time whores will guarantee you the kind of ball-busting explosion of your wildest dreams!