Ready to Attack 5

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Blake Effortly, Bradley Hayes, Scott Finn, Richard Buldger, Ryan Jordan, Mike O’Brian, Alex James, Mike Johnson
Running Time: 01:43:18

It doesn’t take long for Mike Johnson and Ryan Jordan to swap BJs. Mike loves the way Ryan wraps his eager mouth around his cock. It was tough for him to suck on Ryan’s big dick but he did it pretty well and he enjoyed every minute of it. Bradley Hayes kicks back and lets Blake Effortly engulf his dick with his wet eager mouth. He watches on as he enjoys that warm tongue of his. Scott Finn never likes to wait and once he sees Alex James’ hard cock, he takes every inch down his wet throat. He moans with pleasure as he uses his tongue in multiple ways. Richard Buldger loves the way Mike O’Brian licks him and so he switches it up and begins to suck on his throbbing dick. Once he’s balls deep, he pounds that ass in a few different positions making Richard squirm with pleasure.