Return to Staxus International College: Part 2

Studio: Staxus
Actors: Galiel Swan, Sam Acevado, Nathan Luna, Danny Delano, Erik Devil, Angel Black, Craig Kennedy, Trent Benz
Director: Timmy Treasure
Running Time: 02:33:02

One semester at this fabulous seat of learning was never, ever going to be enough; and to prove the point the likes of Galiel Swan, Angel Black and Craig Kennedy have gathered for another top notch session of carnal education. A task that they embark upon with the same level of no-nonsense enthusiasm that they displayed in term one. As ever, there’s very much a sinister side to this terrific adventure, but just as before that only serves to heighten the sexual tension that’s in abundance right from the off. Suffice it to say those thick, meaty uncut members are soon gaining full focus from these horned up beauties; with a torrent of pent up spunk getting blasted in all directions long before the much-need grades are revealed!