Rim It and Fill It

Studio: Fresh Hotties
Actors: Mickey Taylor, Danny Montero, Nathan Hope, Dwayne Adams, Damien Ryder, Andrea Suarez, Tyler Jenkins, Alejandro Alvarez, Deacon Hunter
Running Time: 01:38:03

It’s that age old question. Whats more pleasurable? To be rimmed or to rim? Luckily for these horny lads theyve got the chance here to do both; as Nathan Hope, Damien Ryder and Deacon Hunter get together for exactly the kind of tongue-stretching, ass-exploring adventure that ever young, hot gay dreams of. Whats more, theyre only too happy to follow on from all that rimming action with a succession of hardcore fucks that will have you reaching for your dick in no time at all. The result is just the kind of superb wank fodder that will have you hogging the remote for the rewind button time and again; with butt-holes banged and dicks sorely satisfied, before a tidal-wave of cum signals a truly unforgettable conclusion!