Rod’s Room Vol. 5

Studio: Rod’s Room
Actors: Trevor Brooks, Isaiah Taye, Nico Coopa, Tristan Hunter
Director: Michael Vegas
Running Time: 02:10:46

Man have I waited a long time to get Trevor Brooks and Tristan Hunter in my backyard. But, I had to savor the moment; I couldn’t just let them get right to it. So I had them touch each other, feel each other, and look at each other. It was so hot. And when I finally couldn’t take it… that’s when I let them go all out in this beautiful flip fuck. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that my shoot with Nico Coopa and Isaiah Taye was the first time they ever met. Their chemistry was off the charts! So of course, I had to let them play with each other for me, and man did they make sure not to disappoint. But it was the sex–it was Nico topping Isaiah–that made me so, so horny. And it will make you hornier than ever too.