Sex Proposal

Studio: Macho Mayhem
Actors: Eidir Lujan, Brute Club, Eddie Kordova, Max Duran, Mickey Collins, Danny Montero, Ben Statham, Harley Everett, Johnny Hazzard, Tony Greco
Running Time: 02:01:20

No proposals of marriage for any of these handsome hunks, mores the pity, but there are plenty of Sex Proposals going around and they’ve got hot guys queuing up to take them up on that particular offer. From the bedroom to the garden and everywhere in between, these toned, muscular specimens of male perfection team up to tease, tantalize, adore and worship each other. Strong hands trace muscle tone whilst fingers squeeze and probe every nook and cranny, and they don’t have to wait long before solid cocks are slipping and sliding into a readied hot hole. This is a two hour sexual party that has no limits.