Show Hard

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Actors: Beau Butler, Cole Connor, Drew Dixon, Jake Nicola, Kyle Connors, Romeo Davis, Sean Maygers, Vander Pulaski
Director: Tony DiMarco
Running Time: 02:24:56

When you’ve been out on the road for a while and need an intense release, you can find a seedy roadside rest stop, where the men inside “Show Hard” to signal they’re ready for some hot, raw action. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco captures the raunchy bareback chronicles of spontaneous public restroom sex with eight hung and horny men eager to bust a nut. Beau Butler stops for a bathroom break and ends up getting his ass pounded deep by Sean Maygers. Married stud Kyle Connors cruises in a restroom and gets stuffed with Romeo Davis’ uncut member. Drew Dixon is eager for cock and ends up taking a powerful pounding to his prostate when Sean Maygers gets to him. Vander Pulaski and Jake Nicola take public sex to a whole new level when they fuck on the car in the parking lot. Undercover cop Cole Connor has been staking out the restroom all along, but finally watching Beau Butler and Romeo Davis makes him abandon his post and join the hot action, which leads to Beau getting double-stuffed with cock from Agent Cole and Romeo. So come on, no one has to know. Pullover, come in, and “Show Hard” for some hot raw action with the boys.