Sperm Buddy

Studio: All Natural Video
Actors: Reece Ryder, Janusz Gol, James Pershaw, Trey Matthews, Callum Jones, Myles Andrews, Riley Tess, J.P., Lee Smith
Running Time: 01:40:28

Sometimes you just get so feckin’ horny that all you need is the feel of hard cock in your hand and the taste of salty spunk in your mouth. That’s when you need a sperm buddy – someone who totally gets your urge and who can help you through your horniest hours. Luckily for these dick-crazed dudes, there’s buddies aplenty to enjoy; as a collection of hyper-horned fuckers go at it hammer-and-tongues in the quest for sexual satisfaction. Don’t be fooled by their innocent-looking charms. These sexy bastards know exactly what they want from their mates, and won’t be happy until every drop has been drained from their balls!