Staxus International College

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Studio: Staxus
Actors: Galiel Swan, Kieron Zaks, Angel Black, Nathan Luna, Craig Kennedy, Ron Negba, Trent Benz
Director: Timmy Treasure
Running Time: 01:50:04

Everyone agrees that education is so important – but what should it consist of? The answer to that question is pretty obvious to young students, Galiel Swan and Kieron Zaks, who quickly abandon their traditional studies for lessons of a more carnal nature; with the anatomy of the penis taking centre-stage as they suck cock and gobble ass with the exuberance that only lads their age can display. Cue a top-notch bedroom fuckathon that sees Galiel energetically slapping his balls against Kieron’s arse; resulting in the hungry little bottom taking his mate’s thick, creamy wad deep in his hole, whilst spurting out a geyser-style blast of his own. All of which leaves the lad literally dripping with cum, and with a wide-grinned smile on his lips!