Stay With Me

Studio: Macho Mayhem
Actors: Danny Mountain, Raul Marcos, Eddie Butler, Yohann Banks, Damian Boss, Paddy O’Brian, Uncle John, Dominic Pacifico, Brandon Jones
Running Time: 02:11:06

They might be as hard as nails, but there’s still an undeniable cuddly side to this collection of manly brutes – no more so than when they’ve got an urge for dick and long for some much-needed skin-on-skin action. Once they’ve secured their mark, however, rest assured they’re soon back to their primal best; relishing every muscle-bound quarter of each other’s bodies and savouring the musky scent that only a man in full rutt can ever hope to emit. Hot, sticky, sweaty – these guys hold no punches as they pump and grind like the silverbacks they are. Culminating in a deluge of pent-up man-juice that you’re gonna fuckin’ love!