STX International College 2

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Studio: Staxus
Actors: Craig Kennedy, Angel Black, Mike White, Ron Negba, Trent Benz, Nathan Luna, Galiel Swan
Director: Timmy Treasure
Running Time: 02:06:33

Some lads dream of going to Oxford or Yale, but take it from us that’s not the ambition that drives the likes of Galiel Swan, Angel Black and Craig Kennedy. After all, they’re looking for a distinctly more carnal education, and the fantastic news is that they’ve discovered their natural home in the prestigious Staxus International College, which opens its doors for you to enjoy with the kind of sexual gusto that you’d unquestionably expect. There’s a dark side to the adventure – as you’d probably expect – but if anything that only adds to the sexual highs; as these hard young cocks get the kind of attention that the makes of “Heartstopper” could only dream of. In short, a five-star, spunk-laden escapade that gets an A-grade every time!